The Art of High Tea and the Beauty of Etiquette

We are so delighted to present High Tea with Z at Z Bakery. Not only are we blessed to have an amazing historic house, but a great location right in downtown Fort Mill, SC. We offer, by reservation, a High Tea experience for the young and old. Be taken back to an era of elegance as ladies and gentlemen. It is adventurous to find the gems in different cultures throughout history, and so we present the Afternoon Tea from England.
High Tea with Z includes a Full Tea with tea, savories, scones, sweets and dessert. All this plus a charming vintage-filled atmosphere to accompany the tasty treats. If you would like to book our Tea Room for a Private Party or make your High Tea Reservation for our weekly experience we are delighted to serve you. We also have a children's room available for Bow Ties and Tutu Parties.
A Little Tea Trivia:
The tradition adapted in America as "High Tea" from the British Empire's "Afternoon Tea" includes savories (sandwiches, appetizers, or meats), scones with jam and cream, sweets, and of course, tea. Typically the term "High Tea" was given to the meal with tea taken by the lower class in England in the 18th century. Some say it is because of the higher tables that one would sit upon to take the meal (whereas the Upper Class would be taking "Low Tea" from their couches and lower tables). Others point to the use of "High" indicating a later time in the day. The lower class would have "High Tea" as a meal for the day around 6pm, while the upper class took their tea with lighter items around 3pm.  Some suggested the upper class adapted to the "High Tea" title later.
In all honesty dear reader, the more research I did, the more I found variations. However, what is currently in England as "Afternoon Tea", is what we are offering here at Z Bakery. Jolly good fun=)
Weekday High Tea
We offer on different days a High Tea Luncheon at Z Bakery. Groups of 2 - 6 can be accommodated. Our seating for these times are limited, so please book as early as possible. 
Tea Party - Adults
Have a group of 8 or more that you would like to schedule a tea? Rent out our room and have the Tea Service all to yourself. Select one of our amazing High Tea Menus and have a party for Ladies and Gentlemen.
Tea Party - Children
Ifyou have a little Prince or Princess that would love having a time ofTea we have lots of options for you. We can have themes and even invite aSpecial Guest to come join your Birthday Boy or Girl for Tea. Yourlittle lady or gentlemen will feel like Royalty for our Specialchildren's tea.